Boilers Installation and Repair in Michigan

Slant Fin Boilers in MichiganSlant Fin Boilers

Geo Tech is proud to be a Slant Fin dealer as we provide boiler lovers with a well-known, quality brand. The boilers that we offer range from 84% to 95% efficiency and have the availability to retro fit to any existing system. The highest quality boiler we install is the CHS Boiler by Slant Fin. This boiler hangs on the wall and uses an outdoor sensor to anticipate the expected heat load needed for your house, based on history and outdoor temperature.  When installing these systems our quotes include, but are not limited to: configuring a customized system using copper, pumps, and valves to adequately provide heat to the correct locations at a touch of a button, installing thermostats in each zoned area, zone dampers, installation of the registers, installation of gas line, venting the unit, power for the unit, a condensation drain line, programming the highly efficient equipment, and finally a full start-up run through ensuring everything is running properly. Geo Tech is proud to say they are a part of the long, highly regarded history of Slant Fin. We provide our customers with once again, one of the best products on the market.  

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Fujitsu Mini Split Air Conditioners and Heat PumpsFujitsu

Fujitsu Mini Splits are the highest efficiency item we offer other than our Geothermal Units. These systems are small, but pack a punch providing heating and cooling to multiple parts of your structure. Fujitsu units are designed to reach places that ductwork can simply not go. They operate without duct work and using the air to provide the comfort level the consumer is looking for. The indoor unit is so quiet you will hardly notice it is on, while the outdoor unit is smaller than a normal air condenser. Most often times, customers have these installed when they have a boiler and would like air conditioning. Another common application is in a stone or cement structure in which there is no space for ducts. Sometimes it can be hard to heat or cool a bonus room above a garage and these systems solve that problem immediately. Geo Tech absolutely loves having Fujitsu heat pumps a part of our product family as we search for the highest efficiency and the best quality.

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