About Geo Tech Heating & Cooling

Geo Tech Heating and Cooling in Yale MichiganCompany History

Founded in 2008 by John and Diane Schlorke, Geo Tech is a family-owned company located in Yale, Michigan that has nearly doubled its customer base with each successive year of operation. Originally focused on geothermal, we have expanded our scope to include the installation and repair of other types of heating and cooling systems and water heaters as well.

In the Beginning, John Schlorke ran his company out of his truck with nothing but a set of tools. Diane did the scheduling and took care of the advertising and marketing needed to keep the new business afloat. A loan from John’s father helped them get their first dependable work van, and while John was initially reluctant to accept the loan, it has proven to be a vital part of the growth of Geo Tech—and John naturally followed his instinct to repay his father before paying himself. With the loan paid off, they hit the ground running, building their shop in 2009.

Today they serve St. Clair County with four employees: John Schlorke, Diane Schlorke, Jonathan Schlorke, and Carter Hartway. They have a ductwork fabrication shop, three vans, a truck and three trailers, all ready to meet your needs!

Mission Statement

To provide customers with the time they deserve and the quality they expect while upholding the highest standards of etiquette.


  • Yale Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Electric and Gas Industries Association
  • Boiler operation, maintenance and safety
  • Pipe Line Emergency Response
  • Two-stage furnace and R410A
  • Luxaire Furnace
  • Oil Burner
  • Fujitsu
  • Reclaiming
  • Mechanical and boiler licensed

The Geo Tech Difference

What sets us apart is customer service.

Every heating and cooling company makes that claim, but we actually act on it. We hold our customers in such high regard that it’s like they’re part of our family. We see them at least once a year for their annual clean and check, and because we’re a small company, customers can deal with the same service tech every time.

We offer 24-hour emergency service. So if our customers find themselves freezing unexpectedly in the middle of the night, we’ll be there to make sure we can get their system up and running.

Every time we install a piece of equipment, we keep in mind that our name is on that equipment, telling the story of what we do: Great work with great products. When we install a geothermal system we use the following checklist:

  1. Does the system meet all codes?
  2. Is it operable?
  3. Does the unit make the space around it look nicer?

At Geo Tech, we know that every time you walk into your basement you’ll have to see your geothermal system, water heater or electrical system. That’s why making the job look extremely professional ranks high on our list of priorities.

We’re also proud of our extensive training on geothermal systems. Our employees are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how a geothermal system works, making installation and service a breeze.

NATE CertificationEGIA Certification