Furnace Installation and Repair in Michigan

Luxaire FurnacesLuxaire Gas Forced Air Furnace

Geo Tech offers a top of the line furnace in Luxaire. The name, “Luxaire” and “Geo Tech” are words that are associated with quality. Quality is of the upmost importance to us, so of course, we find a 5 star unit that is priced at a fair and competitive cost. We install a 95.5% efficient furnace that has a 10 year parts warranty.  Our quotes for the Luxaire Gas Furnace include, but are not limited to: ductwork modification on the plenum and the return boot, gas line install or revision, venting using two separate 2” or 3” PVC lines, any power associated with turning the furnace on, any thermostat reconfiguring, a condensate drain line installed with ¾” PVC, and lastly a full run through at the time of start-up. At Geo Tech we are committed to standing behind our quotes, and more importantly, our word. So with this in mind, we found a furnace and manufacturer, in the Luxaire name that matches our expectations as well as the consumers.

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