Geo Tech Testimonials

Hello John and Diane,  Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with the heating and cooling system you folks installed for us in our new house in 2014.  It has been 2 years now and I have to say that the geothermal equipment you put in has performed better than I could have ever hoped for.  I provides great consistent heat in the winter at a cost that is far below what my neighbors are paying for propane.  As you know I put a wood stove in the basement to serve a a back up if it got really cold and the geothermal couldn't keep it warm enough.  We have not had to use it once and you know how cold it was in the winter of 2014 and 2015.  I has been very hot in the summer as well and the geothermal cools our house beautifully.  It's great not to have a separate air conditioner to worry about that uses expensive power constantly.  You folks were a pleasure to work with and if I were to rate my overall GeoTech experience  it would be a 10. --Thanks again Carl

A few years ago, our furnace needed to be replaced and after getting a few quotes from other companies we decided on GeoTech.  We found John and his crew to be honest, reliable, and hard working.  Not only did they show up on time but cleaned up after themselves.  This is why Geo Tech was the natural choice for us this past month when our air conditioner needed to be replaced.  From are past experience, I knew John would give us a fair price, and was qualified to install our unit properly.  His professional manner and friendly demeanor made it easy to communicate and ask questions. If you are looking for experience and a trustworthy heating and cooling specialist, I would Highly recommend John Schlorke, owner of  Geo Tech. 
Sincerely, The Majchers

We have been using Geotech Heating & Cooling since John and Diane opened their doors for business and could not be happier. We have a complicated boiler heat system which John masterfully modernized and our pipe banging is gone. John has done the routine and the extraordinary and always for a fair price. John has a great partner in Diane who schedules you in as quickly as possible and Never forgets to ask " how are you" ?! We love the workmanship and the attention to detail that John puts into each job, but mire importantly - we appreciate the genuine kindness Geotech Heating & Cooling has shown  us over the years ,
John and Marie Pino

I hired Geo Tech to install a new geothermal system at my residence in May 2012. I bid the job with several contractors, but all paled in comparison to John. John was not only punctual, but dressed and groomed like a professional. I had no concrete knowledge of this kind of HVAC system, but John was patient and explained everything in great detail. During construction I was kept well-informed of the status of the project and was left with no doubt about John’s competency to complete the project. I am halfway through my first winter and the system works as I was told it would. My wife and I are extremely happy with its performance. John was not my cheapest bid up front, but was in the end because his materials and workmanship were of the highest quality, and not once did I have to chase him down because he didn't show up as promised. Geo Tech is the best subcontractor I have hired in 25 years.

John did an excellent job removing our old system and installing a new GeoComfort system. He seamlessly tied in the new geothermal unit with my existing ductwork, humidifier and electronic air cleaner. His work is always thorough, neat and efficient. John is very knowledgeable on geothermal technology and I would highly recommend Geo Tech for new installations, replacement and repair of any geothermal systems. The new GeoComfort system operates very well and seems to keep the house comfortable with less effort and backup electric grid input than our old system. We are very pleased with its operation.

We’ve had our geothermal for about five years now and Geo Tech installed it. Our monthly gas bill years ago was close to $400, but after we had the geothermal installed we could see a great relief from the gas bill first. We still use gas for cooking, but the geothermal eliminated about 99% of the gas bill and the electric bill for the geo was just $55 a month. We have a yearly maintenance on the unit as recommended just to make sure it is running smoothly. Geo Tech is a great company, always available when I call them.